About ACAT

What is the ACAT Program?

Ala Costa’s Adult Transition Program [ACAT] is a non-profit organization which serves students ages 18-22 with developmental disabilities from the Berkeley Unified School District and North Region SELPA. ACAT is a community based program that focuses on self-determination skills, vocational skills, independent living skills, and community integration.

The ACAT program empowers students through a process of measurable, evidence based instruction immersed within community based experiences which provide opportunities for individuals to practice skills, gain experience, build self-esteem and gain self-efficacy. ACAT is a person-centered program guided by individual choice and interests. ACAT provides a safe space where students try new experiences with confidence and success as they work to find their place in the world.

Ala Costa Centers

Please visit Ala Costa Centers at http://www.alacostacenters.org/

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