Adult Community Training [ACT]

What is the ACT Program?

The Ala Costa ~ Adult Community Training (ACT) Program’s design is based on a Community-Based Instruction model, in which instruction and activities are immersed as much as possible in the community at a consumer to staff ratio of 3:1. ACT focuses on self-determination skills, vocational skills, independent living skills, and community integration.

ACT is a person-centered program guided by consumer choices and interests. ACT provides a safe space where consumers engage in new experiences with confidence and success as they work to find their place in the world.

The ACT program believes empowerment is nurtured through community involvement. The ACT program has formed collaborative relationships with a variety of agencies and non-profit organizations working with diverse populations; those include the California School of Professional Psychology, Youth Spirit Artworks, Meals on Wheels, South Berkeley Senior Center, Jewish Community Center in Berkeley, Sticky Art Lab, Waterside Garden, Spiral Gardens,  and Berkeley Animal Shelter. We are always looking to collaborate with other agencies, so the list of our partners is dynamic and constantly expanding.

For further information please contact

Brent White

510-527-2550 ext 205

One Response to Adult Community Training [ACT]

  1. Sandra Prince says:

    I have a nephew that is interested in going to school. He is a special needs young adult age 31 that has a desire to learn. I would like more information regarding your program. We are interested in the Oakland location.

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